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Women's Community.
No one rides alone.

The Women's Community has its dedicated starting block. The departure time for this is 5:20am sharp. And before we set off, we will meet latest in Neubrandenburg to get to know one another. Competent Women's-Guides will manage various groups at the guideline speeds of 23 km/h, 25 km/h, 27 km/h and 29 km/h. You can indicate your preference when registering and get in touch with "your" Women's Guide team before the event.

If you would like to actively support our Women's Community, please contact Donna Wandt at dwandt@mecklenburger-seen-runde.de.

The community is active on the MSR Facebook page, as well as on Instagram under #MsrWmnSpirit.

Take the opportunity to find out about current activities, network in your area, or get women-specific tips and tricks for your training.

We'd love to see more women join the Women's Community and even more if you'd like to get involved with us in your region.

We encourage women to venture out on the MSR 300 course, as no one rides alone!

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