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Rent a high quality road bike for the MSR!

listNRide - the official road bike rental provider for MSR.

Warum solltest du dein Fahrrad mitbringen, wenn du es mieten kannst?
With the ListNRide online booking platform, we give you access to more than 50,000 bikes in Europe and worldwide. And more are coming all the time. For any terrain - city, country or mountains - we want you to be able to rent the bike that's right for you, anytime, anywhere.

And if you have a cool bike at home that you don't need or want to share, you can simply rent it out on the ListNRide platform. They bring landlords and tenants together in a way that benefits both sides. Whether private or commercial providers, whether ambitious athletes or recreational cruisers - at ListNRide, everyone has one thing in common: a love of bikes!