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As a business owner, do you want to be a role model and pioneer in workplace health management?

Some companies have already been using the MSR as a component of their occupational health management since 2014. And quite simply by "the boss pays".

Out of our own interest, we looked into why they do this and where the benefits are seen.

Here we uncover ONLY a few big points that we were privileged to experience:

  • the goal of MSR participation - end of May - increases motivation for regular endurance sports already from the beginning of the year
  • MSR participants act as role models in the company and often pull others along with them
  • regular endurance sports AND THE GOAL of mastering the challenge ensures that absences due to illness and the resulting costs are reduced
  • regular endurance sports increase mental and physical balance
  • joint rides promote team spirit and social behavior
  • this form of cycling marathon is suitable for everyone
  • the company is perceived in the market as a health-oriented acting company

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