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Below we answer the most frequently asked questions we receive about the Mecklenburger Seen Runde.

Address start- destination

The address of the MSR SattelFEST with start and finish of the Mecklenburger Seen Runde is:

Festwiese im Kulturpark, Schillerstraße, 17033 Neubrandenburg.

Please note, that car-driving and parking directly to / at Schillerstraße is NOT possible and NOT allowed.

Parking spaces around the Kulturpark are signposted.

Admitted bikes

For the MECKLENBURGER SEEN RUN any technically completely intact, two-wheeled bicycle without additional drive is permitted.

Recumbents and handbikes are allowed as long as they are technically intact and comply with the regulations of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO).

For safety reasons, recumbents and handbikes must be equipped with a bicycle pennant, which must be attached to a pennant pole at least 160 cm long.

Recumbent cyclists and handbikers who start on Friday evening must also mount a pennant light (flag light) for the night ride.

Recumbent cyclists and handcyclists are asked to line up at the rear of their starting block for riding safety.

Multi-track vehicles are specifically excluded, with the exception of hand bikes.

Track bikes/singlespeeds/fixies are only permitted if they have a freewheel hub and two independent brakes.


The announcement of the Mecklenburger Seen Runde 2024 can be found on the pages of the MSR 300, the Women's MSR 100 and the Mini-MSR.

Approach Start / Finish

In the vicinity of the start-finish area, which is located on Schillerstraße in the Kulturpark Neubrandenburg, there are various parking facilities for cars.
Informations about parking you find here.
We ask you to use them.

Average speed

No minimum average speed is required to complete the Mecklenburger Seen Runde.


On May 25, 2024, from 02.00 a.m., in the start / finish area, a breakfast buffet suitable for cycling (coffee, tea, bread, rolls, butter, cheese, sausage, jam, Nutella, boiled egg, muesli, milk, banana) will be offered for a cost contribution of 7.50 euros. This service can also be booked at the time of registration.

Catering (meals / gluten-free / electrolyte drinks / Coca Cola)

Catering (food / gluten-free / electrolyte drinks / cola)

At the start and finish point at the festival square in Neubrandenburg, various caterers will offer their food and drinks. You will find out more before the event.

At the depots of the routes of the MSR 300 and the women's MSR 100 you will be provided with selected food - adapted to the respective route kilometers covered. Numerous friendly helpers will be waiting for you all the time.

At each depot you will find bread, margarine, sausage and/or cheese, salt, sugar, banana, Xenofit drinks, water, coffee, tea, milk.

At selected depots we keep gluten-free food on request.

We will publish the specific offers in the SEEN RUNDE MAGAZINE from mid-April 2024, which is available for free download at https://mecklenburger-seen-runde.de/de/seen-runde-magazin.

Change registration

A change of your starting place to another participant is possible in the amount of 15,- Euro as follows.

ONLINE via your personal change link, which you will receive with your registration confirmation


ON-SITE at the service point in Neubrandenburg in the information tent of the MSR.

The compensation of the entry fee has to be clarified between the previously registered participant and the substitute participant.
The organizer will not reimburse the original participant.


If you wish, you will receive your personalized MSR participant certificate on site after your finish on May 25 from 7:00 a.m. to midnight in the registration tent at the stand of our partner tollense-timing.
Furthermore, your personalized MSR certificate will be available for download on our homepage.

Closing time of finish

The securing of the route will take place in the period from May 24, 8:00 pm to May 25, midnight.

Closing time for the MSR 300 is May 25, midnight.

Closing time for the Women's MSR 100 is May 25, 6:00 p.m.


There are no regulations for the type of clothing. However, it must not pose a safety risk. It is not permitted to ride with the upper body exposed.

The weather in the Mecklenburgischen Seenplatte at the end of May is usually characterized by spring-like pleasant temperatures. Nevertheless, we recommend you to equip yourself before the start of the round with clothes that are suitable to protect against low temperatures, wind and rain.

Clothes storage

There will be a drop-off point for clothing for participants in the participant registration area on May 24 and 25. Opening time for acceptance and return: Friday, May 24, 2024 from 5 p.m. until Saturday, May 25, 2024 midnight.

Company teams

To start as a company team, all starters must enter the same company name in the field provided when registering. You can find more information about the group registration here. If you have any further questions, please send us an e-mail.

Confirmation of registration

After successful registration you will receive a registration confirmation by e-mail. Approximately 14 days before the start of the event, all registered participants will receive this e-mail again. If you have not received an e-mail by then, please contact our team at farent@mecklenburger-seen-runde.de.

Deposit service

The organizer offers the possibility to hand in personal belongings at a refreshment station during the event.
These must be packed in sealable bags or similar, on which the personal race number is legibly noted for the purpose of a later clear allocation.

The collection of handed in items is possible until 26.05.2024, 12.00 p.m., in the area of the information tent.

All items of clothing that have not been collected by Thursday, 30.06.2024, 12.00 p.m., will be disposed of.

Please call +49 160 4062089 for collection.

The organizer assumes no liability for lost or damaged clothing and objects.

Emergency call

On the back of your back bib number are emergency numbers of the organizer. You can reach the emergency control center of the MSR via these numbers.

In addition, the general emergency numbers 110 and 112 (German telephone) apply in emergencies.

Guided groups

At selected start times, the MSR offers participants the opportunity to complete the course in a guided group.

Participants who are not able to assess their ability with certainty are thus given the opportunity to complete the circuit with a plausible division of forces.

The groups are led by guides with cycling experience who ensure that the course is completed in a specified total riding time. The guides are recognizable by MSR guide vests in luminous colors.

Guided groups can be selected in the online registration options.

How participants and guides will be paired up on the event weekend will be announced in a newsletter in good time before the event.

The total riding time includes the stops at the refreshment points.

The duration of the stops at the refreshment points will be determined by the guides on the basis of their march table.

There is no legal right to be accompanied by the guide.

The registration fee in a guided group increases by 15 € per registration.

Handlebar attachments

Handlebar attachments are only permitted if they do not protrude beyond the brake and/or shift grips.

Exceptions to this rule will not be permitted.

Compliance with the regulations on handlebar attachments will also be strictly controlled at the pre-start.


Helmets are compulsory without exception for the MECKLENBURGER SEEN RUNDE!

The helmet must have a test seal of an internationally recognized testing institute (e.g. DIN standard 33954, SNEL and/or ANSI standard, EC or GS).

Hotels and Accommodation

We offer you a selection of accommodations in Neubrandenburg and the surrounding area. Get more information here.
Participants arriving by motorhome will also receive information about a suitable parking space.

Or you can send your accommodation request to:

Touristinfo Stadt Neubrandenburg

Campingplatz Seeweide Penzlin

Touristinfo Stadt Neustrelitz

Touristinfo Feldberger Seenlandschaft

Tourismusverein Havelseequellen e.V.

Touristinfo Kleinseenplatte

Touristinfo Mecklenburgische Seenplatte

Touristinfo Müritz/Röbel

You can also start a personal request via: https://web4.deskline.net/msr/de/accommodation/searchresult

Or send an e-mail to unterkunft@mecklenburger-seen-runde.de


In cooperation with the Hanse-Merkur Reiseversicherung AG we offer you a cancellation insurance for your starting place.You will find detailed information about the insurance benefits and the general insurance conditions in the registration portal on the MSR homepage.


The jersey can be purchased either in the course of registration, in our bike store or on site.

The regular price is 89,90 €.

In the course of your registration for the MSR we offer you the jersey at a reduced price:

In the early bird phase until 14. January 24 for the discounted price of 69,00 €.

Until the 05. May 24 for 79,00 €.

Regular price on website for 85,00 €.

There is the possibility to have the jersey personalized. More information can be found here.


All participants who start on Friday evening or on Saturday morning between 8.00 p.m. up to and including 4.00 a.m. are obliged to start with a mounted and usable lighting system as well as additional reflectors on the bike, namely at least 1x on the front of the head tube or the fork in white and at least 1x on the rear of the seat post or the seat stays in red.

Lost & Found

The contact point for all kinds of lost property is the info point in the start/finish area.

Also lost property that reaches the finish with the broom wagons will be deposited there.


We offer a free massage service at several refreshment points (Women's MSR 100: Depot Feldberg only).

In the start and finish area, an additional massage service is available for a fee. This service can be used individually.

The trained masseurs will make you fit for the bike marathon and will also provide soothing relaxation after the exertions.

Details about this offer will be published in our newsletter and on the homepage.

Medal issue

You will receive your finisher medal directly at the finish line.

Medical assistance

The MSR has its own rescue network, which is coordinated via the MSR operations control center.

First aid stations are also located at the MSR depots.

A treatment area will be set up in the finish area for participants and guests.

Missing persons

Inquiries about the whereabouts of participants can be directed to the service point in the registration tent or directly to the MSR operations control center. The availability of the operations control center can be requested from any member of the ORGA team.

This does not affect the use of the general emergency number 110 (German Emergency Number 110) in the event of danger or damage.


For parking facilities for the participants of the MSR, please refer to the section Arrival and Parking on the homepage of the MSR.

Here you can find the official parking spaces of the city of Neubrandenburg: https://www.neubrandenburg.de/Sport-Kultur/Parken/


For the official participant photos, a team of sports photography specialist "sportograf" is our partner.

Sportograf captures the most beautiful impressions of the MSR participants at various points on the course and in the start/finish area.

Sportograf will make the photographs taken during the event available for purchase via the Internet as soon as possible after the event has ended.

Please make sure that your bib number at the handlebar is visible

Registration options

We offer you two different ways to register:

1. individual registration

2. team registration

To 1.

You can register via the online registration.

To 2.

Companies, teams and tour operators have the possibility to book a group registration. In order to use the group registration, the group should consist of at least 2 INDIVIDUAL participants.

If you need more information about group registration or a company code, please send us an e-mail.


We will inform you about the type and procedure of the MSR SattelFEST before the event, as this must be adapted to the official Corona regulations then in force and a separate permit is required for this.

Site plans

Here you will find all maps (e.g. route map, overview map of the event area, start and finish area) in time before the event.


Near the start/finish area in Neubrandenburg you will find showers that you can use for free. These are signposted and easy to reach.


Teilnehmer, die sich entscheiden, die MSR vor dem Erreichen des Ziels abzubrechen, können bei der MSR300 einen Rückfahrservice in Anspruch nehmen. Zwischen den Depots verkehrt ein Shuttle-Service nach einem festen Fahrplan, der im Seen Runde Magazin und an jedem Depot aushängt, und die Teilnehmer sowie ihre Fahrräder zurück zum Start/Ziel in Neubrandenburg fährt.

Für Teilnehmerinnen der Frauen MSR 100, die die Tour vor Erreichen des Ziels abbrechen, übernimmt die Streckensicherung einen Weitertransport inklusive Fahrrad zumindest bis zum nächsten Verpflegungspunkt.

Starting fee

For the participation in the Mecklenburger Seen Runde a starting fee of 179,00 € (MSR300) or 74,00 € (women MSR 100) will be charged.

We offer our participants the opportunity to register during the early bird phase until 14.01.2024 at a reduced starting price of 164,00 € (MSR 300) or 64,00 € (Women's MSR 100).

Plus 15 € for registration in a guided group with a guide.

Start document issue

The starting documents will be handed out in the info tent at the MSR SattelFEST in Neubrandenburg on May 24, 2024, from noon until 10 p.m. and on May 25, 2024, from 2:30 a.m. until 9 a.m. upon presentation of the registration confirmation.

Please pick up your entry documents in time before your start.

Please keep your registration confirmation ready either in printed form or on your smartphone.

In any case we need your start numbers in connection with your photo ID.

A written authorization of the respective participant is required for the collection of the starting documents of third parties.

The way of organization of the start number distribution depends on the official requirements. We will inform all registered participants about the procedure in time before the MSR.

Start number

The issue of the start number will take place on May 24 and 25 in the tent for the registration of participants in the Kulturpark Neubrandenburg.

Start of the issue for MSR 300 and Women's MSR 100:

May 24: 12 noon to 10 p.m. and May 25 2:30 a.m. to 9 a.m.

The way of organization of the start number issue depends on the official requirements. We will inform all registered participants about the procedure in time before the MSR.

The MSR start number consists of a handlebar start number and a back start number. The transponder for the time measurement is integrated in the handlebar start number.

The handlebar start number must be attached to the handlebars in a clearly visible position.

The back start number must be worn visibly on your back. On the back of your back start number you will find the "emergency passport". Please fill it out with your personal data and your accommodation address (hotel, phone number). Please use a ballpoint pen to fill it out.

Start procedure

In order to ensure a smooth process, participants are requested to be in the starting area 20 minutes before their start.

How any distance and hygiene regulations will be implemented with regard to the start formation will be announced in good time in a newsletter and on the event weekend. On site, the participants will be assisted in complying with the regulations by emergency personnel of the organizer.

In the starting area there will be a service point for bike repairs. Furthermore, toilets will be provided there.

Participants are requested to line up at the pre-start about ten minutes before the start. If you will be riding in the dark, your bike lights will be checked there to make sure they are working properly. In addition, it will be checked whether the helmet obligation is fulfilled and whether handlebar superstructures do not protrude over the brake/shift grips.

From the start, the regulations of the StVO (German traffic regulations) apply - even immediately after the start in the culture park.

Starting times

The starting slots for the Mecklenburg Lakes Round 300 will be between 24.05., 8.00 p.m. and 25.05., 07.00 a.m.

The Women's MSR 100 will be started on 25.05. from 08.00 am.

The start will be in blocks.
The starting distance between the starting blocks is 10 minutes.

You will find the selection options for the start times on the registration page.
Basically every start time can be chosen freely.

The organizer reserves the right for organizational reasons,

a) to combine starting blocks, if they are only slightly busy. Affected participants will be informed in time by e-mail.

b) to extend the starting time window and to add further starting blocks if necessary.

c) in consultation with the police, to make changes to the size of the starting blocks and the departure times at the start on the weekend of the event, depending on the location.

Starting time changes

A change of the starting time is possible after receipt of the registration confirmation for a processing fee of 15,- Euro:

ONLINE via your personal change link, which you will receive with your registration confirmation


ON-SITE at the service point in Neubrandenburg at the starting block handout.

Prerequisite: The desired starting block is not yet fully booked.

Supporting cars

Supporting cars on the routes of Mecklenburger Seen Runde are not allowed.

Technical service

In the start and finish area as well as at all refreshment stations, technical support is available to participants for a fee. The support is only possible against cash payment. In this respect, participants are requested to carry cash during the event.

In addition, the route will be continuously covered by a route service during the event. The staff of the organization can take the participants to the next service point in case of serious damage to the bike.

If participants break off the tour, they and their bicycles will be driven back to the starting point by the organizer's free shuttle service, which runs between the refreshment stations according to a regular schedule.

Time measurement

The MECKLENBURGER SEEN RUNDE is a cycling marathon without ranking and without classifications.

Nevertheless, we offer real-time measurement by means of a disposable transponder, which all participants receive at the accreditation together with their starting documents.

The timekeeping will be done by our partner

tollense-timing GmbH & Co.KGLudwig-van-Beethoven-Ring 817033 Neubrandenburg
Mail: info@tollense-timing.de
Homepage: www.tollense-timing.de

The time will be measured by radio signal at the start and finish as well as at at least one other checkpoint on the course.

All participants can check their riding time after crossing the finish line on the homepage of the organizer.


In the start/finish area as well as at the refreshment points there are numerous mobile toilet stalls as well as at each depots on your track.


MSR 300:

As a rough orientation, subject to final official confirmation, the following route is valid:

Neubrandenburg - Burg Stargard - Neustrelitz - Wesenberg - Röbel - Malchow - Nossentiner Hütte - Alt Schönau - Möllenhagen - Penzlin - Neubrandenburg.

An overview map can be found here: MSR 300 track


As a rough orientation, subject to final official confirmation, the following route is valid:

Neubrandenburg - Burg Stargard - Dewitz - Bredenfelde - Lichtenberg - Feldberg - Koldenhof - Dolgen - Rowa - Neubrandenburg.

An overview map can be found here: MSR 100 track

Training schedule

In cooperation with KS-SPORTSWORLD, we offer you training plans for beginners and advanced riders for optimal preparation for the MSR.The beginner training plans are aimed at starters who do not have a specific riding time as a goal, but simply want to safely complete the 100- or 300-kilometer lap. The weekly training effort is easily compatible with work and family and longer training rides take place between March and May.

The advanced training plans assume previous experience in tackling longer distances. If you're aiming for a personal best, they'll help you get to the point of MSR your best performance after a few months.

You will find the training schedules via download here.

Triathlon handlebars

Handlebar attachments are only permitted provided they do not extend beyond the brake and/or shift grips.

Exceptions to this regulation will NOT be approved.

Compliance with the regulations on handlebar attachments will be strictly controlled at the pre-start.


Vouchers for a starting place at the Mecklenburger Seen Runde can be ordered from Franziska Arent. The voucher amount is freely selectable.


The MSR 100 is a unique circuit to be completed exclusively for women and girls only.
Since 2023, the course is 100 km in length and the new name women MSR 100.

Women's MSR 100

The MSR 100 is a unique circuit to be completed exclusively for women and girls.
Since 2023, the course is 100 km in length and the new name women MSR 100.

Women's Community - Guided groups - Starting blocks - Orga - MSR 300

Women's Community - Guided groups - Starting blocks - Orga - MSR 300

We offer women of different ability and ambition the possibility to start in a guided group at the MSR 300. The guide here is of course a woman who brings experience and empathy in leading a road bike group.

Start block: 5.20 a.m.

Number of participants: max. 70 participants in the whole block

Registration procedure:
1) This starting block at 5:20 am is reserved exclusively for women who want to start in a guided speed group.
2) You register in this Women's Community Team (WCT) starting block with guide at 5.20 am first without your speed.
3) You will receive your registration confirmation immediately after.
4) From January 2024 Donna Wandt, Head of MSR-WCT, will communicate with you via special newsletter, email or phone and ask for further data (especially your guideline speed between 23h/km and 29 h/km).
5) By the beginning of May 2024, the WCT starting block will be divided into speed groups and you will receive further information about your guide and the group organization directly from Donna Wandt & Team.
6) With your registration you agree that we pass on your data to Donna Wandt for the organization of the MSR-WCT.