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Arrival Informations.

The journey to the Mecklenburger Seen Runde is completely unproblematic and is possible both by car and by train.

By car:

Neubrandenburg is located in close proximity to the Baltic Sea freeway A20 and various federal highways.

From the north:

A20: Exit-31 Neubrandenburg-Nord

B104: Routes from the A19, Exit-13 Güstrow, leads via Teterow and Malchin to Neubrandenburg

B197: Routes from Anklam (other side of island Usedom) and leads to Neubrandenburg

From the east:

B104: Routes from Stettin, leads via Pasewalk and Woldegk to Neubrandenburg

From the south:

A20: Exit -32 Neubrandenburg-Ost

B96: Routes directly from Berlin and leads to Neubrandenburg

From the west:

B192: Routes from A19, Exit-18 Röbel/Müritz, leads via Waren to Neubrandenburg

By train:

You just take the train to Neubrandenburg station.
Trains from Berlin and Hamburg run hourly.
It is not possible to take bicycles on the ICE only in RE and IC.
In some cases, bicycle parking spaces are limited, and reservations are mandatory on some trains.
So inform yourself before you travel and, if necessary, ask Deutsche Bahn.

Public parking

In Neubrandenburg, the following parking facilities are available near the start-finish area:

The map service is provided by Stadt Neubrandenburg.

Parking spaces:

  • Parking Stargarder Tor as main parking area (550 parkings)
  • Parking Weidenweg (70 parkings)
  • Parking of the German Federal Armed Forces at the Fünfeichen
    Approach from Neustrelitzer Straße (B96)
    at the Rewe supermarket turn into Bergstraße
    after approx. 1.5 km the parking lot is located on the right side
    Capacity approx. 600 parkings
  • Parking Brodaer Straße – Binsenwerder (180 parkings)
  • Parking Wielandstraße (85 parkings)
  • Parking St. Georg – Brodaer Straße (250 parkings)
  • Parking Center – Tiefgarage Markt - undergroundparking
  • Parking Pferdemarkt (310 parkings)
  • Parking Poststraße (53 parkings)
  • Parking Stadtringtreff (170 parkings)
  • Parking Phönix (150 parkings)
  • Parking Krauthöferstraße (95 parkings)
  • Parking Tilly-Schanzen-Straße (120 parkings)

Information on topics that may also be of interest to you, such as parking spaces in the city of Neubrandenburg, passenger navigation on Lake Tollensee or explanations about Lake Tollensee itself, can be obtained directly from the city of Neubrandenburg.