Rent your bike for your MSR

Now we can offer the possibility to rent high-quality roadbikes from FARA, MEMIL and ...

The cooperation with our experienced partner LIST´N RIDE makes it easy to join the MSR by renting your bike.


The following things are important to know:


To be ready-to-go you have to bring

  • your set of lights
  • your helmet
  • your pedals


  • … and your wish to make your personal experience in the wonderful landscape of the „land of the 1.000 lakes.


Click on this link (opens in new tab) and look which bikes are available for rental:



Do you have any questions regarding your bike rental?

Contact ListnRide:

+49 (0)30 120870330






2019 haben wir mehr als 4000 Radsportler begeistert!

Lesen Sie hier was Fahrradbegeisterte über die Mecklenburger Seen Runde sagen.

Mecklenburger-Seen-Runde | Der deutsche Radmarathon in MV.

2019 haben wir mehr als 4000 Radsportler begeistert!

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